Iridium - IRD

A cool little crypto

Iridium takes advantage of the technology behind CryptoNote by pulling together the best features that privacy coins can offer the world.

Key Features

So why are we special?

Community Focused
We want to grow our community to be one of the best in the world. Without a strong community you can't build trust. Without trust, you can't have a successful cryptocurrency.
Privacy and Anonymity
By default with Iridium, your transactions are untraceable, and your wallet balance is private. Untraceable transactions are achieved using the technology in CryptoNote called ring signatures.
Capped Supply
Iridium is a Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrency with the maximum amount of coins capped at 25 million.
No Premine
With Iridium there was no ICO, pre-mine, token distribution, or any other mechanism for giving an unfair advantage to "founders" of the cryptocurrency.

Recent Posts

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Case Study: Pot Shops and Iridium

Anonymous coins can help $weed shops. A properly implemented POS system in your pot shop can increase safety and prevent loss. Let us help you with $THC commerce! We support your efforts
By : shaun | Nov 6, 2018

November 2018 Iridium Developer Update

Hop over to the Reddit and check out the news. https://www.reddit.com/r/IridiumCoin/ $IRD #iridium Lots of cryptonight fun!
By : shaun | Nov 3, 2018

Welcome new friends!

Quite a few of you have discovered Iridium through the CMC listing. Welcome! Hop over to https://ird.cash, click the link for the Telegram and Discord community and introduce yourself. Or if you
By : shaun | Oct 19, 2018

Who needs the blockchain? Introducing Iridium Remote Nodes.

You asked, you receive. Remote Nodes is ready for official and wide release! Point your wallet to nodes.ird.cash port 13007 and be part of the future. What? Remote nodes is an option
By : shaun | Sep 27, 2018

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