Update to new gui wallet

Update from old wallet to the new wallet – wallet backup procedure

1 – Backup your wallet file(s)

This step is very important : After opening your wallet file(s) in the new interface, you won’t be able to re-open it in the older, so backup, backup and keep a copy on a safe place. Remember : a lost wallet is… LOST forever ! there is no way to recover it, even with nice devs…

Wallets files have a .wallet extension. You can backup your address book too, extension is addressbook.

On MacOS and linux : thoses files are in your home folder in a hidden directory.

  • macOS : from the finder here is the shortcut : command-shift G then type ~/.iridium.
  • linux (and Mac terminal too) : $ cd ~/.iridium

  • On Windows, they are in %appdata%/iridium directory.

2 – When your wallets files are in a safe place :

  • Delete the iridium folder : the new wallet use an updated database version that is not compatible with the old one.
  • Delete or uninstall the old wallet application and install the new one.
  • make a copy of your .wallet file.
  • Start the application and open the copy of your wallet. (remember, if something goes wrong, you will be able to open your original wallet file with the old application only if the file has been untouched )
  • At the first opening, it take a moment, it’s normal the blockchain is synchronised and after that, the wallet transactions are checked.


You can download your os version there : New Gui wallet


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