Hard Fork success.

Hard Fork is a success :

Today, Friday Jan 26 2018 Iridium team schedule a hard fork with the main purpose of implementing a new difficulty algorithm. We are proud to announce the success of it and the blazing fast reaction of this new algorithm. The network is now protected from sudden hashrate change due to different attacks : From Zawy, the author : “This algorithm provide the most protection to small coins by trying to discourage big miners from coming in and getting blocks, then leaving our dedicated miners stuck with a high difficulty.”

(edit) After 24h : The average mean time for finding a block is 176 secondes,  for a target of 175. Just after the hard fork where the global network hashrate has moved a lot, it’s a huge success and there is no oscillations : this algorithm rocks ! Thanks to Zawy for the theorical research : https://github.com/zawy12/difficulty-algorithms/issues/3

(edit 2) long-term average will be 175.5 second and it’s huge more accurate than the older algorithm.

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